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Every so often people ask me 'How do you get to be a writer?"   Frankly, I think we are ALL writers.   We ALL have a story or two to tell.   Some of us simply take the time, patience and determination to actually sit down and bat those stories out.  That's what I do.

Sometimes I get asked, "What's the best kind of writer?"   And I always tell them, "Busy".

Sometimes I get asked about how I describe what I do?   Well, you can always tell people you're a writer; the brag comes about with the adjective you use.  You're an "ambitious" writer, that's pretty safe ground.  You're a "provocative" writer, people think you stay up nights, drinking and hunting up dice games.  You're a "investigative" writer, people clam up and start hiding the family albums.   I try to be a "prolific" writer.

You are what you think you are; what you work to achieve, not by the labels someone else foists upon you.   Me? I work toward being a busy, prolific writer.   And here is the kind of stuff I write.


· Mobile Home Sweet Home

· Two Witches, No Waiting
· Ho Ho Ho, The Santa Claus Chronicles

· Murder for Dummies

· A Fly on the Wall 

· Paradise Lost and Found

· Scrambled