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Those Crazy Comedies!
A Tough Act to Follow

You think it's easy to be a Broadway agent in the 1950's?  Ask Leo Mintz, a one-time big shot, who now represents bird acts, roller-skating kids who recite poetry and flea circuses.  "You mean I spent eighteen months with a tiny chair and a whip for nothing?", asks the Professor and owner of said circus.  However, Leo's problems are just starting when known gangster Louie DeMarco enters and employs Leo, against his will, to represent his 'protégé, the lovely Christine.  As if this weren't bad enough, Leo falls in love with Christine.  "They should just as well type up a label which reads 'East River' and slap it on our foreheads!" scowls Liz, the secretary and bouncer for said agency.  Then, t o throw everyone off the track, Leo stages a 'War between the Sexes' - a prizefight between Marlene, Christine's chaperone and Maxie, a punch-drunk boxer.  Lines fly faster than bullets in this Damon Runyonesque tale as Leo finds that true love, indeed, sometimes follows a very rocky road.  And nobody really knows who is really who.  Snoopy columnists, wise-cracking newspaper girls and even the cops get into the action in this rollicking send up of the Fabulous 50's, which, as everybody on Broadway knows, is A Tough Act To Follow. 

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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