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One Acts
Warts and All

Homer Shrugg usually spends his days dreaming of a better life. Or at least, a quieter one than he has now with Hilda. And she tells him that her two sisters are coming for a visit. "Having your sisters around me," he tells is wife, "is like living inside bagpipes during the Scotch Holidays." To make matters worse, he runs into an Angel in his garden. And the Angel, Amos by name, asks Homer what he would like as a wish. Homer chooses to talk it over with Hilda. What Homer wishes for and what he has to give up in return is a good lesson for all concerned. This fable has a steady balance of wisdom and sarcasm, but which is which?

Skeletal sets 3m 3w or 2m 4w

Published by Bakers Plays.

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