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Cook's Classics
The Legend of Robin Hood, Sort of

Would you like to hear the legend of Robin Hood? If your answer is "I Sherwood", then this spoof of the legendary bandit is right up your tree.

He clumsily launches into his crusade against an odd King John who speaks with a southern drawl. "Cain't you understan' the Kang's Ainglish?" John keeps asking everyone. And when Little John is sent out to recruit he brings back an army of women. "These are my minute men", he explains. When told they are all women, he replies, "Okay, there are my Minute Maids". Yep, it's THAT kind of humor. Also Robin's true love, Maid Marian just can't get a date and the Sheriff, going by a stick figure wanted poster, just cannot seem to catch Robin. Lots of fun and slapstick.

Skeletal sets 5m 5 w 3 flexible parts and extras

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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