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Frankenstein - Together Again

Remember those old movies such as “Bride of Frankenstein” and “Son of Frankenstein”?  Well, come on in, pardner, and meet the whole family!  And where would they all be found?  Why, in a dude ranch in Transylvania, of course!  Helga Frankenstein figures the best way to get rid of all those nasty stories about the Castle and her relatives is to turn the place into a tourist resort.  And her very first guests are vacationing Americans Chandler and Lindsey Page.  Lindsey just loves the place but Chandler keeps seeing all sorts of odd things, such as some of Junior Frankenstein’s ‘experiments’.  “I’ll try to relax,” he tells his wife.  “I’ll believe that when pigs fly!” Lindsey shoots back.  “Odd you’d say that,” Chandler says as he looks out the front door.  And the old ranch has just everything.  Werewolves, mad scientists, sooth-saying Gypsies and the usual angry mod of villagers who storm the castle from time to time, just to break up the monotony.  Then, as if this weren’t enough, all the electricity blows and the ‘Monster’ gets set free!  This fast-paced, wise-cracking farce will keep you laughing and at the same time wondering just what IS the mystery behind it all.  From the same author of “Barbecuing Hamlet” Cast of 10 – 5 men, 5 women. 


Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals

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