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Those Crazy Comedies!
Switching Principals

School spirit has never been lower at Marvin Gardens High School so when a new Principal is scheduled to arrive everyone is hoping for a fresh breeze.  What blows in, however, are GEORGE and CLYDE, two conmen hiding out from the law.  Vice President ABIGAIL figures GEORGE for the new principal and this suits GEORGE right down to his socks.  He introduces CLYDE as his secretary.  “He can do 80 words a minute,” GEORGE tells ABIGAIL.  “More when I get mad!” CLYDE adds.  Laying low from a car wreck, which has the police on the prowl, our two conmen are tickled to learn the other victim in the collision was the very same principal that was due to arrive.  GEORGE and CLYDE then doubletalk and dodge their way past pushy school board members, a nosey security guard, overactive students and one superstitious lady who has to be convinced, by GEORGE of course, that her aura needs to be watched.  But somewhere along the way, GEORGE finds himself falling under the spell of the school and grows softhearted, much to the disgust of CLYDE.  CLYDE, on the other hand, has a winning lottery ticket but can’t turn it in for fear of being arrested.   Fast lines and plot twists make this riotous rapid fire farce one you’ll love doing and your audience will love watching. 


One interior set, with a cast of 20 – 8 men and 12 women. 


Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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