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Those Crazy Comedies!
A Run for the Money

Game player Fosdick Floogee knew his relatives for what they were – a greedy, grasping, grabbing gang of hoodlums. He also knew he wanted to play one last game. So when he passed away, he arranged it so his executor, Winston Carstairs, would lay down the rules for each heir to ‘find his treasure’. Simple enough you might think. What follows if a fast-paced free-for-all where everyone is out to get everything. “You each will get an envelope in which is a clue as to where your part of the estate is placed”, Winston tells them…and the race is on! Will Estelle find her fortune, in between putting on airs and dropping murder threats? Or Montell, when he’s not hiding out from a bookie’s hitman, Knuckles Dundee? Or maybe Chester, the butler, who heard old Fosdick tape his will? Lines and characters fly at a breakneck speed, causing the law to show up. Sheriff Bullmizer, however, ends up more as a referee than a lawman and calls in his deputies, who try to arrest Knuckles, who’s trying to grab Montell, who’s…well, you get the idea. This one-set show calls for a cast of 21, 9 men and 11 women and will keep your audience laughing and rooting for their favorite heir. Of course, it’s anybody’s guess who will get what but one thing’s for sure – they’re all getting “A Run For Their Money”. Contemporary Drama Service.

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