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Western Comedies and Mellerdramas
Headed South From The Great White North or Getting out of Toronto, Pronto!

11 women and 9 men. Melodrama. “The Waldorf, Eh” Inn is a lovely place to stay in Canada, providing travelers check out within three days, of course. This is all the time left to the owner, Barbara Seville, before that wily Lynden Renege and his two henchmen throw her and her staff out in the street. “Now, it ain’t that bad“, Barbara’s father, Coop, tells her, “It’s more like a road than a street”. “The Waldorf Eh” Inn has its own logic about these things. Take for instance, their latest arrival, Asa Harts, the American who showed up to join the Rough Riders in Cuba and ended up in Canada because he read his map upside down. Or Barbara’s father deciding to raise money by advertising “Man-Eating Alligator” and then, after drawing a crowd, calmly sitting down and eating two plates of fried alligator (He still can’t figure out why everyone took their money back). But, hark, salvation is on the way in the form of a gang of lonely lady quilters who check into the Inn. But, when the stagecoach that brought them is stolen all hope is dashed. Throw in slow sheriffs, even slower janitors, wise-cracking maids and lady lumberjacks (“Okay, I’m a LumberJILL”) and you have one rollicking, pun-filled show which doesn’t know which way to turn and even has a surprise guest at the end. And also find out why villain Lynden Renege finds himself “Headed South From The Great White North or Getting Out Of Toronto, Pronto”.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service

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