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Halloween Plays
The Best Haunted House Ever

8 men and 12 women. Eerie comedy. “This is going to be the best haunted house our school has ever had!” sneers Nick to Murphy. The house in question once belonged to Biology Professor Jarvis Stitch. “Old Cut N’ Stitch” was rumored to have conducted many late-night experiments with the result that people seemed to vanish. So naturally the place is just perfect for the Hoover High School teens to use for a fundraiser. What they don’t know is this same idea has occurred to the Jenkins High School teens as well! For a while it looks as if one group is trying to scare the other when it become all too real that NEITHER class is doing the scaring! And scared they are! Clyde faints when he finds a human skeleton lounging on a couch. Frankie cannot understand why only she sees the Zombie and no one else does. And then, when Professor Stitch himself turns up, wielding a large knife – it’s everyone for themselves! Then, when the kids are about to give up the ghost, the police arrive. Then THEY disappear! WHO is doing WHAT to WHO? What is Professor Stitch doing back in the house? And why does Sherman’s voice keep changing? All these questions are eerily answered, along with others raised in this hilarious horror tale when everyone agrees that this place has to be The Best Haunted House Ever!

Boasting a cast of 8 men and 12 women, this eerie comedy is published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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