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Those Crazy Comedies!
The Newton Flash

High school farce. “And the big news today”, intones Kiki during the Newton High School television broadcast, “our mascot had kittens!” And such were the usual bulletin board items carried by school monitors between classes. And this tickles Harold, the producer for the show, right down to his tidy socks. Usual goes flying out the window with the arrival of a whirlwind named Kate who gets appointed by Principal Rohatch as Harold’s co-producer. Out with the old and in with the new, fast and abrupt! Mel, the camera girl now tries new angles for that artsy look while Rad, the sound guy, figures out his will. Suddenly, the lunch menu becomes a scoop starting with “Cafeteria to serve new food!” and the mascot’s kittens find new homes when Penny reveals on the air that each cat goes with an ‘Easy A’ from the Principal! Then when the Newton Neutrons star quarterback pulls a hamstring Kate cannot wait to get this on the air. That’s when the gangsters show up! Is it any wonder that the Principal still believes that no news is good news? This fast-paced spoof is full of oddball characters, lightning dialogue and more twists that an early ‘60’s dance show.

Utilizing one set and a cast of 21, 10 men and 11 women, this play is published by Brooklyn Publishers.

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