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Christmas Plays
The One and Only Santa Claus

33 speaking roles (much doubling and many parts may be played by either a man or a woman). Christmas show. “And tonight we’ll answer all your questions about Old Saint Nick”. Or so says television show “American Profiles” host Yul Tide. Of course, this surprises the family, who’s just now having their Christmas and not expecting company that early in the morning. And then, in a series of sketches he and co-host Chrystal Flakes present people, who know Santa Claus and whose lives have been affected by him. The only problem is Santa Claus himself keeps evading Yul, Chrystal and the whole tv crew. For some reason, though, children (and your audiences) all see him. And along the way we get to meet Mary Christmas, the mail carrier for the North Pole, Santa’s staff of elves as they run through their final check-list, psychiatrists, mall Santas, Moms, Dads, and even a shadowy figure who’s not so keen on the great gift-giver. This series of eleven sketches may be done as written or your group can make the show any length. Also, since each scene has little or no scenery it’s a great one to ‘travel’. Full of comedy, twists and warmth, this is the perfect vehicle for the Christmas season and will give you all a pretty good idea just what it’s like to be “The One And Only Santa Claus”

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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