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Those Crazy Comedies!
The Principal's Apprentice

“You’re fired!” Two words that ring out just after Griffen Dodge arrives for his first day on the job at Bandersnatch High School. Fortunately, these words are not aimed at him. Principal Donald Trumpet spews them out at his Aide, his Associate and his Assistant during his first ten minutes on the job. After they’re gone, that only leaves Griffen to take up the slack. “How does Trumpet get away with that?!” one departing ex-staffer wonders. Only cleaning lady, Rita, knows the secret. And she gives Griffen a book. THE book. Trumpet’s whole game plan. “The Art of Hypnotism”, Griffen reads on the cover and suddenly a whole new world opens up for him. However, as with Pandora and her celebrated box, this whole new bag of tricks turns out to be a whole new can of worms. Before he can master his power, Griffen has one lady fall in love with him, one think she is his mother and another seeing dragons in the school halls! As if this weren’t bad enough suddenly Principal Trumpet vanishes! Then the police arrive! And Griffen is their main suspect. Lines fly rapid-fire in this spoof of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, with a generous nod toward a certain popular tv show.

Calling for one set and a cast of 6 men and 13 women, this play is published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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