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Luau for King Lear

Once again the Peaceful Glen Memorial Players are about to mount a new production.  This time, however, it’s a fight for their lives.  Not just the usual hand-to-hand combat between Fine Arts board members Duncan and Hope for the last donut, the company is about to lose their building.  According to the late Archibald Donnelly’s will, they could keep the building “as long as they do quality productions”.   Oh, they have tried, in their own left-field way to do the classics.  “Isn’t it true”  family heir Blair Beesley asks, “that you did ’12 Angry Men’ with 7 actors and 5 store mannequins?”  Board President Tamara sees an opening when she learns that Blair once minored in college in Drama.  “You will be our next director!”  So she chooses the Shakespearean classic “King Lear”, unaware that the play will have to take place in the tropics!   What Blair faces in the next few weeks are giggling teenagers, cranky ladies who live under the building, food fights and teaching Hawaiian to her cast.  All sorts of oddball community theater types come out of the woodwork in this riotous farce where your audience not only gets to see their performance but also what goes on behind the scenes.  With a cast of 12 and two easy sets, this is the hilarious prequel to “Barbecuing Hamlet”. 

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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