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Those Crazy Comedies!
Mother Goose Has Flown the Coop!

You ever wonder where all those nursery rhymes and fairy tales came from?  And what REALLY happened?  Just why DID Jack and Jill go up the hill?  What REALLY hit Henny Penny in the head and make her think the sky was falling?  And who is the sinister figure in black that everyone sees but no one can catch.   For the real answers to the mystery everyone there went to Sergeant Frank Hickory, the cop who found himself faced with the first crime wave to hit Fairy Tale Island.  With his partner, Diddle Dickory, they have to find out why the sheep are in the meadow and the cows in the corn and what scared off Little Miss Muffet.  For answers they go to the Fairy Godmother, an Italian character who seems to help out everyone but knows nothing about the biggest mystery of all.  Where is Mother Goose!  She had totally vanished and all Frank and Diddle have to go on is a bucket, a few feathers and a cosmetics bottle.  Calling for a few set pieces and a cast of 15, 6 men – 9 women

Pioneer Drama Service.

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