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Cyrano Loves Roxanne Loves Maurice

They say that sometimes love travels a rocky path.  This one has to run an obstacle course.  Cyrano DeBergerac had long been smitten with the fair but naïve Roxanne, mostly through the letters they have written to each other.  Imagine his surprise when he finds she is also visiting Comon, France, at the same time as his holiday.  In fact, they are both staying at the “Comon Inn”.  However, before he can pursue his love he is detoured by kidnapping sailors, who need a new ‘recruit’ to get them in good with their Captain.  As if this weren’t enough, Cyrano’s good friend, Maurice, shows up, speaking jive and wearing sunglasses.  “He’s from the West Coast”. Cyrano explains to Katy.  Katy is not only Roxanne’s servant but she has long been in love with Cyrano.  Maurice, by this time has met Roxanne and swept her off her feet.  Now does Cyrano tell Roxanne of his own feelings or step aside for Maurice?  You think this is complicated?  Wait.  Add to this an overweight law officer, bent on arresting Cyrano for dueling, Roxanne’s pushy Aunts, who are dead set against Roxanne seeing anyone and a sea captain who is in search for his child whom he left years ago.  Adding insult to injury, Cyrano ends up writing the words of love that Maurice spouts to Roxanne.   Swords flash as fast as the dialogue in this send-up of seventeenth century France and only the servants know the real story.  Calling for one set and a cast of 16, 7 men – 9 women.

Published by Contemporary Drama Service.

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