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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
Monday Always Leads To Murder

“Mr. Monday, I want you to find this artifact,” purrs sultry client Courtney Delecroix. “It’s a choker worn by King Midas.” Harry Monday sizes her up and asks, “You want me to find the Midas Muffler?” And once again, that overweight cliché in a trench coat and fedora is off on another case, one which has him trying to solve a 20 year old murder mystery and write a play about his career at the same time. As Harry is questioning the curator from the Havefax museum, Sol jumps in the room, dagger held high, and demands payment. The curator falls to his knees and pleads for his life. A mousy little woman wants Harry to take on a case for her and then officer Brogan rushes in and arrests her! An actor starts masquerading as Harry, a janitor who shows up as all the right (or wrong?) times and then a curse on a missing gem shows up and Harry soon finds himself, as usual, WAY over his head. On top of which, somebody breaks into Harry’s office and steals his chair. Between trading insults and throwing back belts of cheap hooch, Harry wisecracks his way through another fast paced, clue strewn mystery. All of which only goes to probe that Monday Always Leads To Murder. From the same author who brought you Three Murders And It’s Only Monday and Murder’s Bad But Monday Can Kill You.


Published by Dramatic Publishing

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