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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
Where on Earth is Maxwell Long?

                                 “WHERE ON EARTH IS MAXWELL LONG?”


            “People pay you not to know things, but you have to know who not to charge and just how much you don’t want to know.”  This pretty much sums up the attitude of all the citizens of Scarlet Ribbon.  “Just another way of saying Red Tape,” explains Jynx the proprietor of the Meaning Of Lyfe Café.  It seems that Scarlet Ribbon is a government town.  And usually whenever a visitor finds this out “the next thing we see are their taillights”, says Amelia, the town gossip with a dark secret.  But Phoebe Long is trying to find her brother, who was last reported in this mysterious burg.  And before she can get very far in her investigation, her fingerprints are checked showing she has two different identities, she uncovers a spy and her mother is arrested!  She continues to look for her brother, even though she gets little help from Harriett, who is smuggling an iguana into town taped to her stomach, or from Lou, a forty-six year old agent who looks nine!  Along the way Phoebe finds out the real secrets behind everything from crop circles to those slow drivers in traffic with their left blinkers on.  But no brother! Not knowing which way to turn, Phoebe finally runs into Amelia, “something of the town gossip”, as she admits to Phoebe.  She answers all Phoebe’s questions but the answers don’t seem to lead anywhere.  This is when Amelia tells Phoebe it was all one large ruse…to bait and trap Phoebe!  This maze-like mystery is full of twists and turns with a few pages from the “X Files”, complete with a surprise ending.    And you too will begin to wonder just what’s fact and what’s fiction as you, along with Phoebe, find out Where On Earth Is Maxwell Long? 

Published by Heuer Plays and Musicals.

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