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Those Crazy Comedies!
Pirates and Petticoats

“So you want to be a pirate?” begins the opening line from the book “Swashbuckling for Fun and Profit”.  This phrase captures the imagination of Fisher Cutbait, a librarian with dreams of adventure.     So he sets out to join a pirate ship and seek his fortune.  Unfortunately for him he falls in with Squire Juan Tumani and his rowdy crew at the ‘Din Of Thieves’ inn.  Juan figures to shanghai Fisher in his usual way, “They never feel the wallop ‘til it’s too late”, he reminds Mac, who’s off to Captain Ball to tell him of this new recruit.  However, when Juan ups his price for his latest ‘find’, Captain Ball decides to pay a visit to the Inn.  Squaring off with Fisher, Ball soon finds himself on the floor at the point of Fisher’s sword.  This wouldn’t have been so bad had Fisher not been dueling with one hand and reading a book of instructions on dueling with the other.   Captain Ball has had enough and vows revenge!  And the unwitting Fisher is his target!  Things get really tangled when a British officer arrives with arrest warrants, Jamaica Runfort, Fisher’s fiance’ shows up to try to get Fisher away from the inn and the dreaded ‘Cap’n Gown’ and her all-women crew kidnaps Fisher and spirits him away!  Lines fly and swords clash in this pirate spoof, full of seventeenth century characters and surprising twists.   A one-set show with a cast of 22 – 11 men and 11 women, with extras. 


Published by Pioneer Drama

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