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Christmas Plays
The Christmas Gazebo

Christmas is just around the corner but you’d never know it the way Delia is acting.  All she can think of is how to get rid of that old gazebo in the park, which is right across the street from her café.  She only sees it as an eyesore…until Eudora silently puts a poinsettier on its steps.  Delia then finds out that this ‘eyesore’ carries with it a lot of lovely memories.  Doing a one-eighty, she THEN tries to get people to help her fix it up.  Easier said than done.  Luke has to go off jogging, Dottie can’t stop because she has to cover a big story for her newspaper, even Matt, her right hand man, is just too busy keeping the stew from turning into little bricks.  And she tries every angle to get their help.  “That’s just it,” says Sandy, a carpenter, “just be honest with them.  All people really need is a chance, you know.”  Sure enough, after Sandy pitches in, odd things really begin happening.  A department store Santa Claus suddenly starts enjoying the kids, Marcy finds some nice ribbons to decorate the bandstand, even the two town gossips find room in their purses, and their hearts, for needed help.  This yuletide yarn is full of laughs and sentiment, showing along the way the real meaning of Christmas, as everyone pitches in to decorate “The Christmas Gazebo”.  A cast of 19 – 8 men and 11 women - and one easy set.

Pioneer Drama Service.

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