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Halloween Plays
Ax of Murder!

Everyone’s heard of a haunted house.  Even a haunted theater.  But a haunted play?  One that carries a ghost of a murdered man with it?  Such a thing is not possible.  At least, that’s what theater director Bonnie Bagwell tries to convince the other members of the troupe as writer Colin Chambers details the trail of horror that has preceded the reading of his script.  Unfortunately, curiosity gets the best of the actors and they start a reading of the play.  It too soon becomes apparent the play is mirroring their theater and even their own members.  “The play changes with each performance,” Colin intones.  “All our plays change with each performance here,” Delia wryly comments.   But when a police sergeant shows up, stating he was called in on a murder, people begin to wonder.  The wonder turns to fear as someone IS murdered onstage!  And apparently no one could’ve done it.  No one, that is, except perhaps a ghost.  Your audiences won’t know who or what to believe.  Are they watching a play or is it all too real?  Characters show up in all areas of the theater, running down aisles and then disappearing.  Murder weapons disappear and then show up!  In the worst of places.  Beware the twists and turns of this play you never know what will happen next.  I easy interior set, a cast of 21 – 9 men and 12 women with extras possible.

Pioneer Drama Service.

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