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Those Crazy Comedies!
All's Fair

5 women and 4 men can portray 24 roles. It is Autumn and time again for the Noah County Fair. Flat Rock, Texas, is known for many things, most of which get spread around town by Audrey and Beryl, the town gossips. And they have plenty to talk about, whether it’s Mayor Clatterhand, who’s running for office again or Iola Jackstraw, who runs the high school cafetorum and is opposing the Mayor in this year’s upcoming election. “Are you tired of left-overs?” she announces over the loud speakers, “Or do you want somethin’ fresh!” And the exhibits this year include “Nature’s Boo-Boos”, where teenager Tommy Rogers feels right at home, especially when he tries to do ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ only to be cut short by the bombastic Mayor. And some of the charities are hoping to do well this year. For instance, the Flat Rock Ladies Auxiliary for Better Foliage are hoping for a hedge around the courthouse “to keep all them dogs from frequenting it!” Or another group, who’s hoping to get the school bus repainted yellow instead of camouflage. “The bus sits there waitin’ fer the kids and they can’t find it!” Love is in the air even though fortune-teller Cyrus Holcomb keeps ducking Margaret June Muncie and teenager Gloria Pinkham only has eyes for Tommy. This riotous but loving look at country life is chocked full of sideshows of wisecracks and homespun wisdom. It is also just the vehicle for multi-talented players, who play two, three and sometimes four characters. So take your shoes off, pick up a cup of lemonade and find out why in Noah County, as far as a country carnival goes, “All’s Fair”

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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