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One Acts
The Dreamcatcher

One-act. Tim Birch likes to dream. In fact, he dreams all the time. This is because he keep falling sleep in class. And in his dreams he’s always winning awards or becoming a great baseball pitcher. And his teachers are becoming tired of having to wake him up. However, even in Principal Ogleby’s office, Tim still nods off, dreaming of his friends and family and Mr. Weatherwax…wait. WHO is Mr. Weatherwax, Tim wants to know? “I’m the dream catcher”, Weatherwax informs him. From then on Tim can’t tell when he’s dreaming and when he’s awake. And the dreams become more and more scary, with Tim winding up on an operating table and the surgeon holding an electric drill. “I’m just going to bore a hole in your head and let all those dreams out”, he says, comfortingly. “Trust me, this will hurt you a lot more than it will me.” Tim tries to escape. “There has to be a way out!” he pleads with Mr. Weatherwax, who tells him that would be breaking the rules. “What rules?” Tim asks. “There aren’t any”, Weatherwax tells him. Throw into the mix obnoxious big sisters, boring teachers, know-it-all students and a class bully and Tim doesn’t know which way to turn. And it’s up to the ‘Dream Catcher’ to show Tim the way out. Only one problem, Weatherwax tells him. “I’m no longer the Dream Catcher.” Find out who is, in this easy to produce short play, which calls for 2 easy sets and a flexible cast of eleven.

Published by Heuer Play Publishing.

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