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Cook's Classics
Titanic, Tragedy and Trial

A full-length docu-play

This full-length play is comprised of two one-act docu-plays; Voices From the Titanic and Echoes From the Titanic.

As such, in the first act, we see the actual events, which reported later by the survivors, as they took place on board that fateful ship on the night of April 14, 1912. Each of the passengers addresses the audience with insight and information as if the audience were just a passenger. Not only do we hear the heartwrenching accounts of the officers and first class passengers, but we also hear and see what happened to those in steerage. In the second act, we witness testimony and personal accounts of the survivors of the Titanic in their own words. This act is taken directly from the 1912 Senate Hearings into the Titanic disaster. We hear testimony, both frivolous-as when the senator asks Fifth Officer Lowe, what an iceberg is made of. "Ice, I suppose", he replies-to the compelling-"As the ship went down, it broke in two as if cut by a knife". Piece by piece, the eyewitnesses tell their own stories and we get a fuller picture of the tragedy and trial of the Titanic.

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals

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