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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
The Joker Fired Twice

“I wasn’t expecting anything to happen,” intones detective Ace Baxter, “and that just when anything CAN happen!” And happen it does as Ace finds himself in a locked room, standing in front of the only exit with a murder victim who was shot in the back…and with Ace’s own pistol. Shadows loom large when you’re on the lam, as Ace finds out, whether he’s ducking Sergeant Flint whose chomping at the bit to clamp the cuffs on Baxter or disguising himself as a cleaning woman to inspect the scene of the crime. The Professor helps out when he can, vowing to alert Ace if trouble is at hand. “I shall giggle like a little girl,” he tells the less-than- impressed private eye. And when trouble does show its face, it turns out to be a very lovely face, belonging to Lola Cardeza, sultry suspect and owner of a tattoo parlor. Witnesses vanish, police stake out Ace’s office building and everyone, it seems, wants to hire Ace either to tail someone or steal a valuable painting. Confused? So is Ace! Who WOULDN’T be? This film noir spoof is chock-full of the late night characters, which populated such novels as written by Hammett or Chandler and has more twists than a Danish bakery. With two sets and a cast of eleven, this show will keep your audience guessing, even AFTER they’ve seen the ending! How will Ace solve the murder? Will they get him before he does? Tune in…and find out just what REALLY happened…when The Joker Fired Twice!

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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