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Those Crazy Comedies!


You ever wonder what goes on backstage during a play?  Sometimes there is more drama than the theatrics onstage.  Especially when the star of the play, one-time matinee idol Burton Cavendish, suddenly dies an hour before the premier of "Don Juan in Cleveland".  The play is an absurdist existential piece or, as GOOSE the techie says, "That's right, no plot".  However, one it is discovered that Cavendish has passed away Lou, the director, calls on Ajax, the understudy, to fill in.  "The show must go on", she points out.  But, as she further points out, Ajax must play Cavendish both on and off stage.  It is to be the great star's last performance.  It will be Ajax's greatest performance.  "But", Lou tells him, "You can never tell anyone!"  Ajax reluctantly agrees only to face nasty critics, doting mothers and one very large goon sent to collect a bundle from the Great Man.   Lines and plot twists fly faster than bullets in this theatrical farce where over-the-hill prima donnas reign, or think they do and most of the rest of the cast are betting on who comes out on top.  As if this wasn't enough Ajax's mother shows up hoping to meet Cavendish.  Calling for a cast of 16 - 8 men and 8 women - and one easy set.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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