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The First Annual Boughs of Holly Country Club Christmas


"Anybody see my turkey?" asks Biff as he walks onstage.  This is just one of the many questions facing Deborah as she tries to direct the Christmas show on one hand and impress the board of the Boughs of Holly Country Club on the other.  If the show looks good, the board will let the theatre group use its facilities for their home. "Sure beats that cow pasture we've been using," Karen admits.  "That's our Amphitheatre!" Deborah explains.  What Deborah doesn't know is that Jocelyn, President of the Country Club, is hoping to impress loan officer, Gertrude Webb, so she might give them a loan to refurbish the rather run-down club.  Gertrude on the other hand is trying to pass just one more loan so that she might win a trip to Hawaii.  There's only one thing missing from this Christmas show - Christmas!  And nine year old Peggy is the only one to see it.  If it weren't for Josh, who manages the Country Club, there'd probably be no Christmas show.  After all, only he can play Santa Claus, at least as far as Peggy is concerned.  Unfortunately, for the theatre group to impress the board, the board members have to be IN the show so Josh has to give up the beard and whiskers.  This is so the group can get the country club for their home, to the country club can get the loan, so the loan officer.  And Biff STILL can find his turkey!  Hilarious situations and oddball characters race in and out as the time for the show draws near.  And just when everything seems to be falling apart, in steps Santa Claus! 

With one easy set and a cast of 15, 5 men and 10 women, this riotous yuletide yard is published by Heuer Publishing.  

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