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Those Crazy Comedies!
The New Kid on the Block


    They say that the harder you try to keep a secret the harder it tries to get out.  But what secrets could there be between Carl, Lloyd and Parker, three older gentlemen who live in a four bedroom house?  After all, they simply want to rent out that fourth bedroom to help with the rent.  And when Will shows up this seems to answer all their problems.  All but one, it seems, as Will turns out to be a lady.  "I like her" Parker admits. We're not voting on Prom Queen!" Carl barks at him.  However, when it comes down to a vote Lloyd and Parker vote Will in.  What these two don't know is this was part of a plan thought up by Carl.  You see, Will is Carl's sister.  She protests to her big brother, saying they should tell Parker and Lloyd.  "Are you kidding?" Carl argues, "you should've heard those two last year when I wanted to get a dog!"  These two plotters are just about to decide when to reveal all when Will's daughter, Jolene, shows up having just left her husband.  On top of this Carl keeps disappearing.  And THEN Morgana, the neighborhood gossip, shows up.  Before you know it it's all over the area that Carl and Will are sweethearts, Lloyd has put on his army fatigues and is running night maneuvers and Parker is sneaking around the neighborhood with his walkie-talkie.  Then the woman in black shows up, telling Will that, if she knows what's good for her, she better leave the house.  This isn't just a matter of who's who it's who is telling who what?  Who is telling the truth about who else?  And, for that matter, who is really who?  "Don't forget to pick up a scorecard," Jolene points out, "Without a scorecard you won't know the players."

With one set and a cast of 3 men and 4 women, this play is published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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