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Halloween Plays
Fear Factory


"The Idea is to see the big picture," explains Annie to her new bookkeeper, Susan.  And since Annie runs the Fear Factory she should know what she's talking about.  Whether it's showing up as a SWAT team to frighten neighbors into turning off the loud music or scaring a 9 year old into going to see the doctor, she, Loni, Nilla, Ellie and Clyde have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve - scary tricks, that is.  "After all," Annie explains, "we are scared every day by the news, insurance ads, doctors reports and so on.  Wouldn't it be nice to be in control of the scare for a change?"  And change is in the wind, it seems, as Percy, the lawyer next door, keeps trying to close The Fear Factory down, Loni suspects Susan of working undercover for Percy and the landlady is talking about selling the building.  Throw into this mix two fiancés, a love-struck bus driver, an I. R. S auditor and a gangster and no one knows just what IS the big picture any more!  Annie takes a loan from the gangster to pay off the landlady and Percy sees his chance.  He pays off all Annie's loans and then he has her!  He gives her forty eight hours to pay him back or he owns her!  And what does she do?  She vanishes.  What is going on?  Who is real?  And who is scaring who? 

With one set and a cast of 6 men, 9 women and 1 boy this show is published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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