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Christmas Plays
The 12 Plays of Christmas


    Here are twelve Christmas sketches with flexible casts and minor scenery, just right for any church group.  This visit to Christmastown comes complete with trips to the park where some passersby tell you what Christmas really means to them or while others, waiting for a bus, are amazed when a little girl's dolly saves the day.  Find out what the three wise men were thinking, especially when they are portrayed by 3 twelve year olds in their school pageant.  And see how Smitty and his two cowboy pals explain that there were cowboys in the manger.    This easy to produce show can be mounted as written for a full evening's entertainment or, by incorporating other acts such as singers, dancers, etc., become more of a variety show.  Also, the show is written in scenes allowing the producer to easily pick and choose which scenes the company may use, making the show any length needed. 

With a flexible cast this play is published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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