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Western Comedies and Mellerdramas
The Trouble With Being Tucker Dowt

    "I am going to be murdered".  Did Tucker Dowt say this to upset Doctor Orson Buggy?  Did he say it only to buy a little time from foreclosing banker Brandon Russeld?  Or IS someone out to murder the family patriarch? Not that anyone is really paying attention.  Minnie, the eternally optimistic daughter is hoping to make a good impression on her son, Wilton's, new girl friend, Jane.  Wilton, on the other hand, can't seem to remember her first name and is too busy trying to catch her every time she faints.  And Minnie's sister, May Dowt, is busy writing the Great American Novel. "I thought that was 'Gone With The Wind', asks Doc. "Until now!" answered May.  And Pansy has been spending way too much time reading.  She gets her head out of the book when she meets the man of her dreams, Sheriff Keefer Mahart.  Unfortunately, Keefer is there to serve eviction papers and throws the whole family out in the street.  Nosey neighbors, whiney handymen and public relations agents show up to add to the confusion.  Who died?  Who's missing?  Who's getting married?  Too many questions, too few answers.  Is it really just a coincidence that just when Brandon Russeld forecloses on the Dowt house does Tucker pass away?  And then disappear?  And then Tucker's twin brother shows up!  What happens?  What else - Wilton tries to calm Jane, who faints, which causes Pansy to look up her symptoms to see if Jane caused Tucker to die, which caused the banker to bring in the sheriff to serve papers, who questions Tap Dowt, the twin brother, who's suspected by Brandon Russeld of being a phony, who worries Minnie and brings in the doctor to find out once and for all "The Trouble With Being Tucker Dowt". 

One set, cast of 6 men, 7 women and published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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