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The More the Scarier

The More The Scarier

Do you believe in ghosts?"  Morning shot host Maxine Jackson poses this spooky question as a prelude to their ghost hunt.  Hoping to boost her ratings she enlists the aid of a paranormal expert, a medium, a policeman and a lawyer, all to explore the legendary Barnowl Mansion.  However, the heir to the estate, Luella Dudley, seems to be something of a snob.  At least, that's what Maxine thinks and, together with her tech crew, she decides to get even.  In fact, she hopes to scare the pompous old lady to death.which she does.  "She CAN'T be dead?!" yells Maxine. "Why does everything always happen to me?"  Unfortunately for the ghost hunters, though, just after the doctor pronounces Mrs. Dudley dead the corpse disappears.  Was she really dead?  Or was she, in fact, really alive?  Just who are the ghosts here?  Is it the two Confederate soldiers who are keeping a lonely watch?  Or perhaps the Woman in White who keeps searching for her lost lover?  Or maybe the scarecrow who keeps moving around, just when nobody is looking. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service this one set show calls for a cast of 7 men and 8 women.

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