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Those Crazy Comedies!
Stealing Home



          "You can't judge a book by its cover!" Cecil alibis to Officer Doughberg as he tries to explain why he and his partner, Pug, were caught in a funeral home in the middle of the knight.  He figures to confuse the policeman with fast talk and mumbo-jumbo.  Actually, they were there to heist a few trinkets, which is what Doughberg figured all along.  What nobody figured on was when Beulah Meadows, the owner of the place, showed up and recognized Cecil as her long lost son!   Cecil, it seemed, was really Jimmy Meadows who vanished from an amusement park some twenty five years earlier.  The two would-be burglars decide to stick around for a few free meals.  "After all," explains Cecil, "we didn't pull this stunt and it makes the old lady happy". This, of course, comes as a tragic shock to Beulah's daughters, who were just about to sell the funeral home for quite a bundle.  "We'll have to get rid of him," intones Gretchen, the oldest daughter, "one way or another'. Before you know it, the place is overrun with other-worldly sisters, whining lawyers, policemen, psychiatrists and nuns!  Is Cecil really there to help out his would-be mother?  Or is he sticking because he has a crush on Joan, the mortician?  And Is Cecil really Beulah's long lost son?  Find out in this frantic farce when two conmen set out to lift a few pieces of silverware and end up Stealing Home. 


A one-set show which calls for a cast of 11, 4 men and 7 women, and is published by Dramatic Publishing.


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