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Those Crazy Comedies!
Saturday Night at the Drive-In Movie


It's the 1950's and you're all set for a big night with the family.  What do you do?  You load up the car and drive to the "Stars Under the Stars" Drive In Movie!  Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear where Movie Manager, Mr. Gleason announces over squealing car speakers the rules to enjoy yourself 'in the comfort of your own car!"  SEE - horrific previews of "Time Travelers in Space Suits" and assorted shorts when aliens come not from outer space but from our own future - 1978!  SEE - previews of what it's like for women behind bars in "Wicked Wanda, Women's Warden" and how inmates keep disappearing!  Is Wanda behind all this and can Geech, as hardened criminal, make her escape with a gun carved out of soap.  "I wondered why my hand was feeling cleaner!", Wanda tells her.  Or tune in on the latest installment of "The Adventures of Rocky Rhode and the horse who loved him", a western serial which has, yet again, let Rocky, his sidekick Skeeter and his best girl, Betty Lou, caught in a trap with no way out.  And, of course, the main feature, which has Tony and Gloria battling up and down the aisles. "You didn't tell me it was a scary movie!" she yells at him as the credits for "The Vampire's Hickey" come onstage.  All the fun going to the Drive In is here complete with people lost in the lot trying to find their cars to dancing popcorn bags and soda cups during the show.  This large but flexible cast called for 10 - 15 men and 10 - 18 women and one practical set, along with other set pieces for "upcoming attractions".  Why, it's the next best thing to actually being there - you can almost feel the mosquitoes biting you.  And that's what it was like back then, when the sun went down and you all decided to spend "Saturday Night at the Drive-In Movie". 


Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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