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Those Crazy Comedies!
Hit the Road Jack



"Accidents will happen", Jack Gunderson is fond of saying at work.  "That's not a good motto, Dad", his son Trevor keeps telling him.  He has a point since the two run the Gunderson Driving Academy, especially since the business is just about to be closed down.  When Officer Monica Palmer warns the guys about this they protest she is exaggerating.  "Youre last student sideswiped a parade!" she points out.  As if this weren't enough on their plate the Gunderson's also have to contend with a lovesick student, a bank vice president to plays the horses and Mac, a sinister character whom only Jack can see for some reason.  Trevor is at his wits end when one of their teachers quits but quickly recovers when Joyce, a real cutie-pie, shows up.  "Now what can l'il ol' me do for l'il ol' you?" he pants.  Just when things seem to be picking up the bank next door gets robbed.  And guess who turn out to be the major suspects?  You guessed it.  Or have you?  Lines fly faster than fleeing pedestrians when the police arrive along with a news crew.  And just who IS Mac, anyway? 


This fast-paced comedy calls for one set and a cast of 5 men and 6 women and is published by Heuer Publishing.

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