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Halloween Plays
The Morgue, The Merrier



"You ever wonder what their stories are?" asks Jane as she looks around the mortuary. She then lets us in on her secret.  "I hear dead people!"  Then each corpse 'wakes' and as they tell us their story we see it through their eyes.  Take, for instance, Chester who tries to recapture his youth by trying to play rock and roll on a faulty guitar.  His wife, Ida, thinks his playing is terrible but he believes he'll be another member of the Grateful Dead.  Little does he know.  Or Frank, a waiter, who is given the task of taking a last minute order.from a man on death row.  Then there's Lydia who has to wait hand and foot on her whining, demanding Aunt Polly.  "Why does everything always happen to me?" Aunt Polly complains.  Little does she know she's in for the biggest surprise of her life!  One by one we hear their stories and one by one none of them turn out as planned. 


Calling for an easy skeletal set and a cast of 11 - 4 men, 5 women and 2 'Interns', this oddball one-act comedy is published by Heuer Publishing.

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