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Those Crazy Comedies!
Down in Front



One great thing about a theatre is you get so see all sorts of entertainments.  It can be a comedy, a mystery, a soap opera or a love story.  However, at the charming old Harlequin theater none of this is on the stage - it's all happening in the lobby!  After all, finding out if Gary is dating Candy or Frieda or both at the same time make up the soap opera.  And the love story is between ushers Grady and Janie.  The only problem is Janie just won't go out with Grady.  Mainly, because he's too shy to ask her.  The mystery begins to unfold when it's learned that the Fire Marshall is planning to pay a visit that very night.  "The last time he was here," moans theatre manager Hilda, "was when we did "Gone With The Wind" during the burning of Atlanta and we set an usher on fire!"  The mystery deepens when it turns out that no only has someone called in the Fire Marshall but is also wrecking the theater before he arrives!  Then the theatre owner's wife shows up!  Then a competitor also shows up, trying to get Hilda's job!  Add to this a nervous playwright, two gossipy patrons, several panicking ushers and a thief and you have all the ingredients for a comedy.  Lines and plot twists fly around the room like the Marx Brothers in this two act farce. 


Published by Pioneer Drama Service, this fast frantic farce calls for a cast of 20, 8 men and 12 women.



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