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Those Crazy Comedies!
Straight From the Horse's Mouth




      It starts out as an average day at  "Dreamhouse, Inc", a real estate agency, where Katy Biddlemeyer is teaching the ropes to new employee Dena, while Jody is closing a deal on a new house and Florence is looking for a baby sitter for her parrot.  Then, a day later, "We own a horse?!" Katy exclaims.  Before she can say whoa she finds her office overrun with sneaky psychiatrists, anxious boyfriends, a demanding landlady and the Better Business Bureau.  As if this weren't enough she's trying to hide a racehorse in her conference room!  The horse's trainer is on the lam because he stole the horse and a gangster shows up claiming to own the thoroughbred.  Just when things are reaching a fever pitch her father shows up arguing with her boyfriend.   How did all this begin?  Find out as Katy, Jody, Florence and Dena try to juggle this gang by diverting the others into different room, making up story after story to keep them apart and even pretending to have the hiccups!  Lines fly faster than a speeding racehorse in this rapid-paced farce where it's not who you know but who becomes someone.  At least, as long as Katy can keep it going, that is.  This frantic farce calls for one set and a cast of 15 - 7 men and 8 women.  And it all boils down to just what IS the truth and what isn't.  And how does it all end?  Find out when you get it all "Straight From the Horse's Mouth". 

7 men and 8 women.  Published by Pioneer Drama.



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