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Those Crazy Comedies!
Two Heads are Better than One



"It's not everywhere that can say they had a movie shot there," Jerry reassures his wife, Wilma.  The movie they're shooting is a revamped version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - with a slightly warped angle.  In their version the Headless Horseman has a girl friend and they both lose their heads.  Wilma is a bit skeptical about all this, especially since the unpredictable Max Mercedes the director will be staying at their house.  Max goes from flying into rages one minute to sitting and staring out zombie-like the next.  "He's refocusing", his assistant Bette explains.  Bette herself has her hands full, what with dealing with her party-minded crew, an outraged hotel manager, an egotistical star and, Les, a would-be boyfriend, all the time trying to wrangle a raise out of Max.  "Pretend you're in love with Les and want to quit", suggests Trudy.  "He'll give you that raise for sure".  That sounded good at the time.  Then there's older daughter Didi, who's smitten with Les and totally snubs her boyfriend, Bubba while the younger daughter, Peg, an amateur ghost hunter, is busy helping Carter rewrite the screenplay.  Add to this a pompous mayor who's against the movie entirely, a public relations lady who keep trying to put a positive spin on everything and a nosy reporter out for a scoop, who just happens to be Wilma's younger sister and it seems like it couldn't get any worse.  But, of course, it does when the D A R shows up to block the movie from being shot!  In the spirit of a George S Kaufman play, with fast lines and plot twists, this frantic farce is full of all sorts of oddball characters, fleeing from the frying pan into the fire, always keeping one step ahead of sanity.  And it's up to Jerry and Wilma to prove that "Two Heads Are Better Than One". 

One set, with a cast of 20 - 5 men and 15 women. Published by Pioneer Drama.



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