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Christmas Plays
The Man Who Wanted to Be Santa Claus



"Who IS that guy?"

            That's what they're asking each other at the local police station when Santa Claus shows up handing out gifts.  It's not so much the gifts that amaze Howard and Bertie but the fact that ol' Santa seems to know them all so well.and they haven't a clue who's wearing the red and white.  It's not like they haven't seen people dressed for the holidays, especially since Earlene shows up costumed first as an elf and then a big bunny.  Even Chief Culpepper has been known to don the Santa Claus suit.  As if this weren't enough to keep them guessing state investigator Russell Brooks shows up to check on some irregularities which have been reported.  It doesn't take long for Brooks to get on the trail of the phantom Kris Kringle and then he gets his first big break - he finds Santa's bag of presents and, in it, a collection of old wallets.  Could it be that Santa is a pickpocket?  And just when he's set the trap to catch his man he ends up with not one but three Santa Clauses!  From singing messengers to lovesick reporters this holiday tonic is just the antidote for a cynical world and goes a long way to prove things aren't always what they seem to be.  Especially for one old gentleman.  He knows what it's like to be The Man Who Wanted To Be Santa Claus.  

5 men and  5 women and an 8 year old girl. Published by Eldridge Plays.



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