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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
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"I like things simple," proclaims police captain Bogie as he investigates the murder of Hampton Marmaduke Bellamy.   But simple it ain't.  Bellamy was shot, stabbed, poisoned, clubbed and run over by a truck.  And it's not like he doesn't have any suspects.  In fact, he has, as he puts it, "An embarrassment of riches".  Who did it?  Was it Dorthella or Darnella, two of Hampton's sisters, who are always around for some reason?  Or was it Percy, the gambling nephew, who takes odds on who will be next?  Or what about Cherise, the horoscope- reading niece who wonders if her murder will be in the stars?  Family members show up in droves, especially when it turns out the old boy had a life insurance policy totally a quarter of a million bucks.  "Double indemnity if he didn't die of natural causes", explains Luella, the agent.  "What about if he was shot AND stabbed?" poses Barbaretta, the all-business niece.  Hold on - that may be TRIPLE indemnity, thinks Luella.  And poisoned!  And clubbed!  Totaling it all up it amounts to a million and a half dollars!  That, figures lawyer Blaine, is enough for ANYone to consider murder.  Clues pile up almost as fast as victims in this topsy- turvy comedy where everybody is in fear of their lives.but nobody leaves!  Brought to you by the same author of "An Inconvenient Corpse", you won't know who is after who or who will end up with all the loot.  Or if there really IS any loot.  Simple it ain't.  And Bogie can't seem to get to the bottom of it.

7 men and 13 women.  Published by Pioneer Drama Service.



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