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Did you hear about Purdy?  You know, she runs Purdy's Showtime Café, the one that has dishes named for celebrities and movies and such.  Dishes like "Fistful of Dollar Pancakes" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham".  Anyway, she was getting ready for some food critic who she heard was in the county, you know, so she could get a great write-up in the newspaper.  Then this couple came into her place, out-of-towners you know, and mentioned they were looking to buy a house.  And guess who they're buying it from? Austin Danvers!  And when she heard this, Purdy fainted right there in the café!  She DID!  You remember, she and Austin used to be an item back when they were in high school.  Then, something happened, and they broke up.  Well!  Turns out they made this pledge that if they weren't hooked up with anyone else in twenty five years they'd get together!  And it's been twenty five years!  And Austin's back!  Amelia and Celia, you know what gossips they are, they had it all over town in no time!  Also, that teenager that works for Purdy, Jeanie, she thinks it's so romantic but, get this!  SHE and Cody Barnes got engaged!  Well, Cody's not too sure how that happened, he's been acting like a zombie ever since.  Oracle, you know how he knows everything, he was right there, too.  Well, he had it pegged right from the start.  He said he remembered how his Dad used to talk about folks like this.  You know, people in love. "They don't know what to think, don't know how to feel.  They walk around in a daze, never know what's going on.  My Dad had a word for them", he said, "Scrambled!" 


Calls for a cast of 14, 6 men and 8 women.  Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.


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