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Paradise Lost and Found


Just about everything shows up at the Lost and Found department of the Paradise Bus company, everything from tiaras to tubas.  So what do you do when a 9 year old girl winds up there?  "This is Lost and Found, isn't it," she asks.  "Well, I guess I'm lost." But maybe she knows more than she's telling. That's what Mavis, Regan and Coop have to deal with.  On top of this Gillis, the janitor, has a rumor running wild that big shot B. F. Crandall is due for a visit! "I just wanted to get Krolik off our backs!" he explains.  Mrs. Krolik, who's the company manager, suddenly changes from being a tyrant to a real pussycat.  However, the rumor takes on a life of it's own when it turns out that everyone at the company is suddenly running at top speed and nervously awaiting the arrival of their potential new boss. Everyone, that is, but those around Lost and Found. Regan and her boyfriend, Richard, are continually fighting, Mr. Benjamin keeps hanging around, looking for his lost valise and Mrs. Wallingford, the owner even shows up.  She usually stays away since her husband passed away as the place now makes her sad.  Rumors keep flying and growing out of all proportion.  "I HATE it when people keep adding their OWN rumors to my rumors!" Gillis moans.  Fast lines and even faster twists speed this comedy to its surprising and heart-warming conclusion as everyone learns what it's like to run the Paradise Lost and Found.

4 men, 6 women and a 9 year old girl.  Published by Playscripts, Inc.


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