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A Fly on the Wall


Emma Starling has a vivid imagination.  At least, that what her psychiatrist Phillip Axelrod thinks when she tell him of being involved in bank hold-ups, sighting U F O’s and dating Donald Trump.  Such outrageous things simply never happen and certainly not in Axelrod’s world.  His is a calm, well-ordered and serene life.  At least, it used to be until his office suddenly becomes a nest of loud-mouthed admen, nosy reporters, landlords, mothers not to mention frantic calls from his fiance’.  As if this weren’t enough the police show up, placing him under investigation.  They want to know about his patients and why?  It seems that three other psychiatrists have been murdered.  Is he next?  Does he know anything more than he’s telling?  Lieutenant Diana Palmer thinks so as she tries to keep a lid on things.  This isn’t easy when she finds her back-up, Officer Calvin Thurlow, on a couch spilling his guts to the good doctor.  And just when Dr. Axelrod FINALLY clears his office so he can sort out things a suspicious woman shows up, needing his guidance.  And just to make her point clear she holds a pistol on him.  This could get serious, he thinks.  Who is she?  What does she want?  And just who is killing all the psychiatrists in town?  This two act mystery farce will have you guessing until the last patient confesses.  And when it all comes to a head, wouldn’t you just love to be a Fly on the Wall? 

Published by Brooklyn Publishing.




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