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Two, Witches, No Waiting





Arlene Marcus and her sister Elzbeth are known far and wide in South Texas as friendly, charitable and a little eccentric.  This is understandable because it is also known that they are witches.  At least, that’s the story.  Especially the one spread by housekeeper Opal Dunn, just before she vanished with no trace.  Sheriff Jeb Abercrombie seems a little shy about investigating for some reason, which bothers Elzbeth, who has a crush on the lawman.  Arlene’s son, Jeremy tries to keep a lid on things by trying to get the sisters to sell their house.  And who wants desperately to buy the property?  His fiancé Kit’s father.  “And whatever Kit wants she gets,” he informs the sisters.  Of course, he didn’t reckon on dealing with people who read bumps on his head, a ‘recipe book’ full of spells and potions and getting lost in Elzbeth’s ‘mystery room’.  Jeremy already has his hands full so what happens when he seems to be falling in love with Bonnie, the new housekeeper.  And just who is she?  And why does she keep making reports to someone over her cell phone?  It’s heady brew of twists and turns, where barn owls spy on people through windows, closets fly open and even the house itself seems alive.  Of course, it’s all par for the course, especially when you have “Two Witches, No Waiting”. 

Published by Dramatic Publishing.




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