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Ho Ho Ho, The Santa Claus Chronicles



Ever wonder how Santa Claus does it year after year?  How does he make that midnight flight? How does he know who’s naughty and nice?  Or what’s his favorite food?  Here’s your chance to find out as we meet just some of those people who keep his workshop running smoothly.  Starting with a press conference where his press secretary can finally answer some of the questions we’d all like to know.  Such as when one reporter asked why he didn’t get that pony he asked Santa for when he was a kid. “Wasn’t that the year you painted the family cat?” the secretary shoots back.  Meet the elves who take care of the reindeer, Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Sol.  And meet the elf who takes care of the elves who take care of the reindeer, Sarge.  It’s his thankless job to keep his troops in line.  “No,” he explains, “you can’t have Christmas Eve off this year!”  From the passers-by in the park to the elves who run the “North Pole Hot Line” for late shoppers, we get a better picture of just how the North Pole citizens do their part to help out the big gift giver.  But we’re not the only ones with questions.  Santa himself would like to know one thing himself.  Where is Mrs. Claus?  Just what is she up to?  Find out in a surprising twist which answers yet the biggest question of all.  This easy-to-stage show is just the stocking stuffer to put your audiences in the mood as they find out just why the jolly old elf is always giving out, not only with the presents but with the “HO HO HO”. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.



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