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Those Crazy Comedies!
Cut to the Chase

WHAM! - the Masked Wonder leaps into the room and fights off four or five henchmen without even wrinkling his cape and then…? Then the writers of the Majestic Studios have to figure out what he does next. And just where ARE they going to get film footage of a forty foot iguana? In between baseball games, rude bosses and rumors of something called television, Pop, Tiger Lil, Stu, Howard and Dena meet their latest addition to the writer’s stable. "Like any of us are writers," says Howard, "Or stable". As the new kid on the team, Freddie has a lot to prove, mostly to his overbearing Mother. Does he give up and leave with Mom? No chance! Freddie’s back and Dena’s got him! These two lovebirds prove that love can win out, even when Kate, their boss, makes a play for Freddie. Just how DID he get that job? And what does the Studio Head, Mr. Obermeier have to say about it all? Not much, since he’s suddenly come down with amnesia. And what do you do with a boss who can’t remember to fire you? Find out in this 1949 screwball comedy where the situation is hopeless but not serious, where anything can happen and usually does, and where it ain't over until they Cut To The Chase.

1 Interior set

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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