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Those Crazy Comedies!
Doc's Holiday

Doc’s house is a special place.  But, then again, Doc is a special person.  He takes great joy from life and makes sure to share his zeal with all who cross his threshold – and many assorted oddball characters avail themselves of his hospitality.  Whether it’s a carpenter in a robe and baseball cap playing the part of a Wise Man or an oversized bunny rabbit, they all come to Doc for help.  And this suits Doc right down to his socks, brother!  The only person who doesn’t understand this outlook on life is, sadly, Doc’s daughter, Charlotte.  And she chooses Christmastime, of course, to inform her father that she is moving away.  This leaves Doc to decide whether to spend the Yule season with her and her new husband in a different city or stay at home to help a separated couple get back together and a preacher put together his Christmas pageant.  In the spirit of those old fashioned George S. Kaufman plays or Frank Capra movies, this delightful and heart-warming show is just the thing for the season.  A sequel to “If the Good Lord’s Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise”, it calls for one set and a cast of 5 men and 5 women.

Published by the Lillenas Publishing Company.

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