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Echoes from the Titanic (One Act)

An extended one-act docu-play

What really happened on board the R M S TITANIC when it struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic? How did those who survived manage to do so? And why were there not enough life boats? The survivors themselves, passengers and crew, tell you in their own words in this adaptation of the 1912 US Senate Hearings into the disaster which began literally one day after the survivors arrived from their fateful trip. "We have nothing to conceal", proclaims White Star Lines President Bruce Ismay but then has to explain why he was able to get in a life boat. Hear Fifth Officer Lowe's report why some boats were not completely filled when they departed and why he fired a pistol to control the crowds. Find out why the Californian, a steamer only nineteen miles away, did not come sooner to render aid. One by one they testify. Pieces fall into place as we begin to see the full story. We are amazed and appalled at the testimony - A gripping tableau of honor, valor, sacrifice and suffering which makes us each ask ourselves "How would we act under such horrific circumstances?" These are their words, their stories. These are the ECHOES FROM THE TITANIC.

This play can be done as the second act to "Voices from the Titanic". If done as two act play, it is entitled "Titanic, Tragedy and Trial".

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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