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Western Comedies and Mellerdramas
The Saga of the Golden Horseshoe or That Was No Lady, That Was My Philly!

Oh, woe is Clem Chowder, the blacksmith of Skunk County. Just an average American, which he proclaims at the drop of a horse shoe, who finds himself chased by lovesick women, greedy bankers and a sheriff whose ready to slip a noose around his neck. And the day started off so nice, too. All he wanted to do was catch some horse thieves. His plan? Dress up two of his coworkers as a horse and the sheriff as a woman. Well, he didn't say it was a GOOD plan. Sadly, while having to answer a lot of fool questions about his new wardrobe, the sheriff himself has his horse stolen. And who was seen stealing it? Clem! This melodrama spoof has a wide assortment of oddball characters, from a gunslinger who moonlights as a baseball umpire to a love smitten school marm who nobody can understand. When time comes for the Annual Skunk County Fair and Hanging, everyone is looking for Clem. Especially since they don't have anyone to hang. This is a wise-cracking, riotous farce and has a cast of 21 plus extras.

Pioneer Drama Service.

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