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CSI-Christmas Scene Investigators or Who Stole Santa Claus?

Christmas is traditionally slow in coming.  However, at Wendell Wilke High, it may not come at all, if Principal Crunge has his way.  The reason?  Santa Claus is missing!  During the annual Christmas Show, the last rehearsal for the show comes to a screeching halt when it is discovered that the Santa Claus statue, the highlight of the number, has been stolen!  “That’s it!” intones the Principal. “No Santa, no show!”  Finally, Mrs. DICKENS, the director, urges him to give them a chance to find the missing St. Nick.  She immediately calls in ‘The Clue Club” – a group of five students who take mystery and detection into the realm of science.  Lines and motives fly fast and furious as each student, from the jock who’s in the show on a bet to the girl who has a crush on the Stage Manager,  becomes a suspect, along with the costumer, Stage Manager, school receptionist, Janitor and, yes, even Mrs. DICKENS herself.  Full of more surprises that a fruitcake, this little maze shows how logic and work and just why the true meaning of Christmas is all that really matters.  And with a surprise ending, the Clue Club find they have become “Christmas Scene Investigators”.  One easy set and with a cast of 8 men and 12 women. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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